Materials- including wax, damar, pigments, substrates:

Crockett’s Honey- Beeswax, molds. 800-291-3936

Miles Conrad Encaustics- 439 N. 6th Ave, #171 (SW corner of 6th Ave and 6th St-entrance is 3 doors west from corner). Beeswax, soy wax, medium, damar, encaustic paints, absorbent ground, soy solvent, cradled panels, brushes, tools.

Muse Art and Design- – full range encaustic painting supplies, various manufacturers.

Dadant- Beeswax.

Swan’s- Beeswax.

Sue Bee Honey- (, 712-258-0638, ext. 3109. Refined white beeswax (currently $4.50/lb. plus shipping/10 lb. minimum.)

R and F Paints- Encaustic paints, ground, damar, pigment sticks, tacking irons.

Daniel Smith- . Encaustic paints, pigments, Japanese silk tissue.

Dick Blick- Art supplies, Lazertran papers

Sinopia- Beeswax, damar, pigments.

Sarnoff- 795-1229. Encaustic paints, oil paints to use as pigment, Ampersand panels.

Jerry’s Artarama- 4421 S. Rural Rd., Tempe, AZ. 480-775-6787. Assorted art supplies, discounted.

Utrecht- Art supplies including damar.

Enkaustikos- Medium, encaustic paints, wax tools

Hylla Evans- Encaustic paints, ground.

Wagner Encaustics- Encaustic paints.

The Bee’s Knees- – Encaustic Paints.

Earth Pigments- Pigments.

Baroque Art Gilders Paste- patina rubs, alternative to R & F Pigment Sticks-

Eric Hubbard- 795-6743. Local panel maker.

Bernie Klimek- 432-9980. Local panel maker.

Rodney Thompson- Cradled panels.

Kim Keast’s husband- Cradled panels.

Magnesiacore- -Mineral-based clayboard panels.

Grafik Dimensions- Floater frames.

Artist and Craftsman Supply- Inexpensive floater frames.

Chris Paschke- Expensive high quality floater frames, sink mount frames.

Loose Ends- Papers and fibers.

Paper Paper Paper- 326-3830. Papers.

Hiromi Paper- Japanese silk tissue, other handmade and manufactured papers.

Central Art Supply- Japanese silk tissue.

Georgia Pacific (Dixie)- – Bak-O-Matic Parchment Paper #3505162 Purple Label. For parchment transfers- must find distributor or order through a restaurant/bakery. Minimum 1 case=1000 sheets.

Global Genealogy, Pushin Daisies, and Gravestone Art Wear- gravestone rubbing paper.,, and 1-800-564-4310 (Gravestone Art Wear).

Dharma Trading- – textile supplies including tjanting tools, silk habotai, foils for transfer, procion dyes

PRO Chemical and Dye- – tjanting tools, procion dyes.

Rit Dye- – water-based encaustic tube paints.

Gerson’s Used Building Materials- 1811 S. Park Ave., 624-8585. Self-explanatory.

PJ Tool and Supply- – metal letter, number, and design stamps.,, or – Iwatani torch heads.

Assorted Supplies, Hardware, and Equipment:

Harbor Freight- sw corner Craycroft and 22nd; or Ina just west of Thornydale. Inexpensive heat guns, brushes, synthetic chamois, metal letter and number stamps, tweezers, picks, dust masks, nitrile gloves, razor blades, etc.

Target or J.C. Penney- Frequently on sale electric griddles, miscellaneous kitchen tools.

Michael’s or JoAnn- Embossing heat guns, tacking guns, misc. supplies.

Thrifts or E-Bay- Salton warming trays, miscellaneous supplies and small appliances.

Paula Roland- Encaustic hot box for monotypes.

Desert Precision Manufacturing, Tucson. Aluminum sheet for hot boxes.

Ace Anodizing, 3611 S. Palo Verde Road, Tucson. Anodizes aluminum.

Creative Plastics and Services- 2570 N. Huachuca Drive, Tucson, 624-3770- acrylic fabricators.

Home Depot- plywood, masonite, or MDF, miscellaneous tools and hardware.

Marjon- 426 W. Alturas, 624-2872. Clay tools.

Your dentist- Used dental pics.

Arizona Art Supply- 4343 N. Oracle. 388-5555. Miscellaneous art supplies.

Chinese Clay Art- Large collection of Chinese brushes and clay supplies.

United Manufacturers Supply- Framing hardware and supplies.

M and M Distributors- Framing hardware and supplies.

Specialty Bottle Company- – tin containers.

Paper Mart- – tin containers. plastic and metal pinclips for hanging paper, photographs, or fabric to walls. – Po Yo Putty for casting.

Tap Plastics- – resin casting supplies and materials.

Michael’s or The Ultimate! Glue. Attaches monotypes to board, foam core, or binders board. – Oasis Floral Adhesive- bonds well with wax.

U-Line- – boxes and packing/shipping materials.

G & L Imports—4828 E. 22nd Street, Tucson, 790-9016. Butane canisters and good selection joss papers.

Lee Lee Oriental Market- 1980 W. Orange Grove. Butane canisters, joss papers, and assorted kitchen tools for stamping and texturing.

Southwest Steel and Supply- 4203 S. Randolph, Tucson, 294-9449. Steel sheet, rod and tubing.

Kandi Corporation— Hot Wax Art Stylus. Out of stock (April 26, 2010). Keep checking.

Tower Hobbies- Pocket thermometer (COVR2410) and flashpoint infrared temperature gauge (DTXP3100).

McMaster-Carr- Huge selection hardware and other supplies.

Standard Restaurant Equipment- 601 S. Cherry, Tucson, 885-2345.(near Kino and 15th). New and used restaurant equipment and supplies.

Ikea- Chandler, Arizona. Good studio storage furniture: Varde series 3-drawer unit; Alex series 6 or 9-drawer units.

Books, DVD’s, Essays, Film Clips-

“The Art of Encaustic Painting” by Joanne Mattera, book.

“Embracing Encaustic” by Linda and William Womack, book.

“Encaustic Workshop” by Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch, book.

“Creative Paint Workshop for Mixed-Media Artists” by Ann Baldwin, book.

“Encaustic Collage Workshop” by Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch, DVD.

“Encaustic with a Textile Sensibility” by Daniella Woolf, DVD.

“Encaustic with a Textile Sensibility” by Daniella Woolf, book.

“Encaustic Art: The Complete Guide to Creating Fine Art with Wax” by Lissa Rankin, book.

“The Artists Guide: Making a Living Doing What You Love” by Jackie Battenfield, book.

““Starving” to Successful” by Jason Horejs, book.

Various free web videos on promotion, etc. by Jason Horejs of Xanadu Gallery-

“I’d Rather Be in the Studio” by Alyson B. Stanfield, book.

“Fayum” by Berenice Geoffroy-Schneiter, book.

“Plan/bee” by Susan Brackney, book.

“Fruitless Fall” by Rowan Jacobsen, book.

“The Hive” by Bee Wilson, book.

“Waxing Poetic: Encaustic Art in America During the 20th Century”-, essay. Catalogue out of print but may be available through R and F.

“Encaustic Monotypes- Painterly Prints with Heat and Wax” by Paula Roland, DVD.

“Wax Twist: Advanced Encaustic Techniques” by Cari Hernandez, DVD.

Art Blogs, Websites, Facebook Groups-

Catherine Nash’s blog-

Art Deadlines List- – exhibit and show deadlines and info. Both free and yearly subscription formats available. – competition and exhibition info. – sign up for daily e-newsletter. sign up for daily e-newsletter. – Cari Hernandez’ blog – Joanne Mattera’s blog – Daniella Woolf’s blog – Joanne Mattera’s current conference site. For R and F forum, blog, workshops, exhibitions, etc. – Best Foot Forward exhibit at Montserrat Conference.

Some good Facebook groups to join- Encaustic Artists, Encaustic Art,  Artists Studios, The Bee’s Knees Encaustics, Encaustic Image Transfers, Painters Color Charts, Fayum Portraits, and Fan Group “Bees in Art” through “friend” Andrew Tyzack. – online selling. – beeswax body-care recipes.

Encaustic Organizations, Workshops-

Catherine Nash’s Desert Paper Book and Wax-

International Encaustic Artists- Umbrella group includes chapters, portfolio, workshops and exhibitions, yahoo group, community posting group, yearly retreat, etc.

The Bee Team-

Florida Hot Wax-

Fused Chicago-

New England Wax (N.E.W)-

Texas Wax-

Encaustic Art Institute- Exhibitions, classes.

Wax World United-

The Drawing Studio- Workshops, exhibit opportunities. Tucson area arts organization- workshops, exhibit opportunities, small theme-based sub-groups.

Conrad Wilde Gallery- . Classes and private consultation, guest workshops.

Outside Professionals (photographers, webmasters, etc.)-

Robin Stancliff Photography-, 722-9306.

Centric Photo-, 325-0065. 4001 East Pima Street. Photo reproduction and giclee prints.

Wilson Graham Art Photographer-, 296-6921.

Kris Nicola- webmaster and graphic artist,

Karon Leigh- webmaster and other computer services,

Cathy Hampton- graphic design.

Lori Lieber- graphic design. –inexpensive quality printing services (business cards, postcards, etc.)


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