Logo Entries

The following are entries for the logo contest. You will have an opportunity to vote on them following the December meeting. Feel free to submit more than one entry.
Entry 1:

Entry 2:

Entry 3:

Entry 4:

Entry 5:
Logo 5
Entry 6:

Entry 6





Entry 7:

Entry 7

Entry 8:


7 Responses to Logo Entries

  1. Yvonne Prisble says:

    Hi these are great but it would be nice if they also reflected the SouthWest/southern AZ 🙂

  2. These don’t seem to be “Logos” but rather headings for enews, website etc. We need the name SAZWAX to stand out more. Just my opinion.

  3. diane kleiss says:

    It is Southern Arizona Wax not South West Arizona Wax for SAZWAX
    Even tho I do like getting ‘chapter’ in the logo I also think it should have the IEA spelled out as that defines us as encaustic artists.
    I’m waiting to hear more comments before I vote.

  4. Nancy Evans says:

    I vote number 3. Only wish that the saguaro and the SAZWAX were a more contrasting color. Very nice and very Southwest, the saguaro is a symbol of the Sonoran Desert.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    I like a combo of #1 and #3 – the honeycomb in #3 looks more like chicken wire to me unless we wanted a reference to our painful border issues. But the honeycomb and background in #1 is good – could we add the saguaro? We definitely need to spell out encaustic artists otherwise no one will have any idea what it is.

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