Encaustic Monotype Class, May 27, 2011

Our class is scheduled for Thursday May 26th from 10-4 at Nancy Evans’ studio. (Nancy can you please send out directions?)

This will be through TDS, so cost for a 1 day (6 hour) class is $70 for TDS Associates $80 for non-associates and an extra $5 for supplies if you don’t bring your own medium and surfaces. You can just give me check at the workshop.

I will bring extra medium and boards (cradled and cut ply) if you decide you need more you can pay me accordingly.
Folks should bring any R & F or similar cakes for use -Of course I’ll bring some too but you may want your own colors.
I’ll bring Sumi paper and one other kind of rice paper. You should bring any other rice paper (needs to be very absorbent) you want to try.
The medium I use is 6/1.
Bring anything else you may want to play with (i.e collage, stamps, oil paint), and I will bring my bag of monotype supplies (including, gel medium, yes glue,stamps, brushes, encaustic washes, an iron)
I have extra hot plates and metal plates that folks can use. If you have something you like to use bring it.

We should do a potluck so bring what you’d like to eat and enough to share. (I’ll bring a salad, green iced tea and something else).

I think I covered everything but if have any questions let me know.
I’m looking forward to this!



About Sherry Mann

A member of SAZWAX, and webmaster of the SAZWAX web site.
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